Æon of Discord is Glasgow-based game developer Alex McGivern. I work with Reality Council and make 8-bit noises as Chain Zero.



A real-time strategy game about cyber-hacking in the retro-future, made by Reality Council.


A fast-paced local-multiplayer twin-stick shooter. Explode your friends! (in space)


An ambient toy made for Ludum Dare 24: 'Evolution'.

In A Glasshouse

An interactive world for White Heath's single 'In A Glasshouse', with music by White Heath and artwork by Emily Hair.

Square Pig

A simple game engine for HTML5/Canvas.

Multi-User Deathtrap

Ultraviolent puzzler made for Scottish Game Jam 2012.

Stop! Engage Muffin Contraption!

An intriguing puzzlement! Points are scored! Produced for the Reality Council.

Obtain Hats For Glory!

A GAME about ACQUISITION. Produced for the Reality Council.

Countdown to Extinction

A game I helped produce for the Scottish Game Jam 2011.

content: Alex McGivern (@aeonofdiscord)